Another Test

December 20, 2023 will be another important date in the political history of the Democratic Republic of Congo with the holding of presidential election in the country. After the postponement of the election two years ago, there are all indications that this time around, the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) will do all it can to make sure there are free and fair election nationwide. Though the test seems to be challenging, it is however possible if all Congolese put their hands on deck. For this to be a reality, the electoral process must be supported by the opposition, religious institutions and the population. Though the country does not have all the economic, security and legal guarantees to organize a democratic, credible, transparent and peaceful electoral process, minimum efforts could be a first impetus towards the reconstruction of national stability.
Even though for the past decades, the political rights and civil liberties in the country have sharply declined according to ratings on the Ibrahim Index of African Governance and Freedom House’s Freedom in the World report, in addition to the Catholic Church that also expressed concern, the December 2023 election remains a best chance to peacefully address some of the failures in the country. A well planned and duly conducted transparent, impartial, and peaceful poll is the only solution in the horizon. 
For now, the ball is in the court of the different stakeholders who must do everything to avoid a repetition of the 2018 saga. The leaders are accountable to the people who will be voting them. The people must be allowed to choose their own leader. ...



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