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Leaders all over the world on Monday, July 24, 2023 met in Rome. This time around, it is not to seek ways on how to resolve a regional conflict. It is on “food security: the challenge of feeding the Earth sustainably.” To many, a summit on food security is not new. It is a repetition of what is being said over the years. To others, the situation is gradually getting out of hand and needs to be redressed. Coming at a time when hunger is growing inexorably in the world especially in conflict zones, it is time to bring each and every one on board for frank talks on how to chat the way forward. All the actors from when food is produced to when it arrives on the table should be given the opportunity to air out their views on the possible best practices to produce and consume food in a more sustainable way.
Today, most experts are of the opinion that, strengthening the food system requires sharing good practices, so that producing in a more sustainable, equitable or responsible way does not clash with other priorities. Thus, the summit that took place in Rome yesterday should make it possible to take stock of the sustainable initiatives that have emerged since the last edition in 2021 in order to make them available to all actors in the food sector. Changes to our food systems, when done with careful planning, can actually help alleviate hunger and malnutrition. Sustainable food systems prioritize ...



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