“We are trying to win back the confidence of the population”

Jules Roger Nkolo Voundi, D.O.

Can you present your administrative unit?
 Santa Sub division was created on 1st September 1992. The surface area is about 532.6 km. It comprises 14 villages, among them four second class fondoms and 1o third class fondoms. The main economic activity of the sub Division is agriculture. Santa is noted for the production of green spices and potatoes but also produce a lot of garri and agricultural products from Santa are distributed everywhere in the country and even exported to neighbouring countries like Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Santa also has enormous tourist potential like the Lake Awing and Mount Mefo. We are at the gateway into the North West Region and midway between the metropolis of Bafoussam and Bamenda. We are bordered to the north by the Bamenda 1 sub Division, to the east by Ngoketungia, south by Bamboutos and west by Lebialem.

What are the development needs and challenges of the population of Santa?
Our main need is for the Babadjou-Bamenda road to be completed for as they say, when the road passes, development follows. We expect that peace will return completely.  I can confess that peace has returned somehow. We are trying to win back the confidence of the population to trust the government and its institutions. Another important need of the population is water and electricity. There is no water in Santa. There is no electricity. There is low voltage and you know the steady supply of energy is necessary for industries to install in an area.  We don’t have CAMTEL telecommunication services in Santa. Now our days you cannot function without communication. Communication is power.

Any message to the population or appeal to the powers that be?
I call on all the sons and daughters of Santa to come back their villages and invest.  We have to dev...



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