Santa, Gateway to the North West Region

The Sub Division is reputed for its domineering force in politics and great agricultural productivity.

Santa is a Sub Division situated some 15km from Bamenda along the Bafoussam- Bamenda highway, just at the gateway into the North West Region. Created in 1992, the municipality is situated in between the Municipality of Babadjou in the West Region and Bamenda I, in the North West Region, with a population of over 200.000 inhabitants. The people are known to be dynamic in politics and agriculture as they have dominating politics in Mezam Division and the North West Region in general having produced a Prime Minister, Ministers and people in high government offices for decades.
In terms of agriculture, Santa is known to be the compulsory stop-over for travellers between Yaounde-Bafoussam-Bamenda and Douala-Dschang-Bamenda to buy either green spices or potatoes. But unknown to many, Santa is also a great producer of cassava usually processed to garri which is distributed to neighbouring countries like Gabon, Central African republic and Equatorial Guinea.
Santa equally enormous tourism potentials notably the International Museum in Akum, the Rock Farm, the Mafo-Ngoh shrine in Baligham, the Baligham Stone Front, Mount Lefo in Awing, the Azope Mountain in Baba 1, Santa waterfall, the Shum Laka cave in Mbu and Buchi Palace shrine. However the most popular and most outstanding tourist sites in Santa Sub Division, is the Awing Lake which is recognized by UNESCO.
The people are also involved in trade as the council has built a new and modern market, a project worth some 300 million. Wareh...



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