Nde Division : CERAC Lavishes Population With Gifts

The charitable association of the First Lady of Cameroon handed over a refurbished hospital, schools as well as offered diverse gifts to women and youths over the weekend.

Faithful to the mission defined by its Founding President, Chantal Biya, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), continued its humanitarian journey across the country over the weekend. On Friday September 15, 2023, the humanitarian caravan of the First Lady of Cameroon returned to Nde Division in the West Region to strengthen social cohesion and living together which are so dear to them. This was through a vast donation of diverse gifts to people in the locality. Representing the First Lady at the grandiose event was the General Coordinator of CERAC, Dr Grace Dion Ngute. 
The CERAC delegation was in the West Region to officially handover the Bangangte District Hospital, the Government Technical High School, the Bilingual Secondary School and Nursery and Primary School of Batchingou, all refurbished and equipped by CERAC, as well as offered agricultural equipment and other tools to the rural women and youths of Nde Division. During the event, a special gift of food stuff and didactic material from the First Lady, Chantal Biya, was personally handed to Internally Displaced Persons in the region.  
The State cannot lead the development of the country alone, Dr Grace Dion Ngute noted. Adding that, it needs the contribution of other actors. It is within this backdrop that CERAC relentlessly fights against evils which disrupt development. “In all the Regions, in almost every District, CERAC carries out significant action, to assist disadvantaged social groups in the society. Our actions have nothing to do with the quest for political dividends,” the General Coordinator revealed. In terms of healthcare, CERAC's ambition is for the country's health infrastructure to be fully equipped and functional, in a bid to guarantee better patient care. CERAC also works for the empowerment of women and youths, especially the girl-child. According to Dr Grace Dion Ngute, rural women command admiration for their generosity, courage and self-sacrifice. Hence the need to show solidarity with rural women and youths through the provision of much needed agricultural equipment.
On behalf of the beneficiaries, Simo Sagang said when work to renovate the Bangou- Batchingou road, leading to the Government Technical High School and the Bilingual Secondary School and Nursery and Primary School of Batchingou was announced, like Thomas in the Bible, they never believed. But the dream of the population finally came true as the road has not only been reconstructed, but also schools along the road. “The women and young people of Nde in general, and Batching...



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