Breast Cancer : 4,500 New Cases Registered Yearly

Surgery, chemo and radiation therapeutic treatments are available in some hospitals with a relative low success rate due to the advanced stages of the cancer cells.

Breast cancer awareness month is here and focus is on that painless, but deadly unwanted nodule on the breast of a woman or man. In the country, the situation is disturbing as statistics from the Yaounde General Hospital indicate that some 4,500 new cases of breast cancer patients are registered each year and the number keeps increasing. With more than 2,500 deaths yearly, officials at the Oncology Service of the Yaounde General Hospital say cancer treatment protocols are available and effective for patients who come to the hospital early. Also, 35 per cent of cancer survivors stay healthy after five years of treatment. 
Yesterday, October 3, 2023 at the Oncology Service of the hospital, serenity reigned as nurses went about their daily duties of caring for cancer patients. 80 per cent of these patients come to the hospital when the cancer is at an advanced stage, said the chief nurse Esther Mbia Essendi. The service seems to have very few patients, but the chief nurse says each month at least 20 new cases of breast cancer patients are registered at the service. After a diagnostic process and biopsy sample procedure have been carried out, it is at this stage that the medical doctor is able to know the type of cancer and the specific treatment protocol. Treatment cost depends on the stage of the cancer and the type of cancer cells.
According to the Chief of Service of the Oncology Service, Dr Atenguena Etienne Okobalemba, surgery is the primary breast cancer treatment. This can be combined with chemo and radiation therapy. Dr Atenguena Okabalemba says when the cancer is at stage zero or one, that is the disease is non-invasive and has not spread from the breast ducts to other parts of the breast, a surgery can be carried out and the treatment completed with some che...



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