Youths: Moulding The Future Leaders

Cameroon's youths have been going through the hustle and bustle of activities leading up to the 58th edition of Youth Day that will be celebrated on Sunday, February 11, 2024 on the theme, “Youth, import-substitution and economic patriotism for Cameroon's progress.”
Most of the activities have been tailored to mould the youths on virtues and values that will make them be responsible citizens considering that they are the future of the country. How successful they will be as future leaders depends on the foundation that is laid now through the various moulding processes. Preparing the youths to be successful leaders is a cross-cutting responsibility that brings on board actors such as the youths themselves, parents and guardians, as well as the government. 
The Head of State President Paul Biya during his message to the youths on the occasion of the 57th edition of Youth Day on February 10, 2023 stated government’s resolve and policy towards youths, “I can assure you that I have never lost sight of the goals we set together, those of building a strong nation, a prosperous economy and a country that is proud, free and united in its diversity.”  Through the educational system and adaption to the evolving technological development through the internet and various digital platforms, government is dedicated to moulding youths who will be future leaders in all spheres of life. They would be able to have the opportunity to develop their full potential and meet their aspirations. 
Government through the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education and also through the various ministries of education and vocational training has designed programmes, projects and curricula intended to mould the youths into responsible, patriotic citizens armed with moral integrity.  The youths are being trained to take up the mantle of leadership and lead the country to more prosperity before and after the targeted emergence by 2035. They have the opportunity to evolve in different spheres of life through the professionalisation of education, vocational training and empowerment programmes put in place to guarantee their self-reliance, self-employment and make them job creators. As good as they appear, these initiatives need to be accompanied.
Parents and guardians as well as society as a whole have an important role to play in shaping these youths. There exists a vexing insult, “Lack of home training,” in society especially when a child manifests gross shortcomings and ignorance in certain domains. This is so because the moral and responsible upbringing of the youths start from the home before they get influenced by the society. In this case, parents and guardians need to be positive role models to their children by inculcating in them positive values such as moral rectitude, discipline, respect and hard work. They have to guard against their children indulging in deviant behaviours such as incivility, drug abuses, assaults, sexual immorality and other negative excesses.  With the unavoidable technological advancement through the internet and other digital platforms, parents must ensure that their children use the technological advancement to explore the wonderful opportunities for jobs, education and entrepreneurship offered. They have to be vigilant to stop their children from the wrong and dangerous use of the internet, social media and digital platforms. The growing daily economic, social a...



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