Youth Employment: Several Opportunities Exist

The Head of State, President Paul Biya in his message to the youth on February 10, 2024 on the eve of celebrations marking the 58th edition of Youth Day in the country paid much attention to employment and job creation that are the main preoccupation of hundreds of thousands of youths be they skilled or unskilled.
The government as everyone knows is the main employer through the Public Service, as well as in public and semi-public institutions. The Head of State acknowledged these recruitment efforts and indicated the way out for many youths. “In addition to recruiting a significant number of youths in the Public Service each year, the State is increasing initiatives to boost job creation in the private sector, and to encourage self-employment.” Judging from the number of youths who submit candidature files to sit competitive examinations into different profession institutions hoping to be employed upon graduation and those who submit files for recruitment examinations both in the public and private sectors, there is every indication that they are desperate for jobs.
There however, exist several employment opportunities offered the youths through government’s initiatives, as well as in professional and vocational training that constitute the best way to bail out the youths from unemployment. President Biya has drawn the attention of the youths to the Special Three-year Youth Plan launched in 2016.  The mission of the plan is to fund projects and the Head of State told the youths that it has already funded thousands of youth focused projects.  Still concerning government’s initiatives, Cameroonian youths have at their service the Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme. Just in 2023, the Programme contributed to the establishment of 12,000 new businesses and created nearly 22,000 direct jobs.
In accordance with the celebration theme of the 58th edition of Youth Day in Cameroon, “Youth, Import-substitution and economic patriotism for Cameroon’s development,” government is offering numerous employment opportunities to citizens and youths in particular.  As s...



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