Nervous System Disorders : Experts Reinforce Rehabilitation Mechanism

The first congress of the Cameroon neuro-rehabilitation Association is currently taking place in Yaounde with experts from Africa and Europe.


Nowadays, it is common to see people who are struggling to walk or talk again after a stroke attack. More particular are those who cannot even leave their bed nor understand what is happening around them due to a nervous system disorder. Hope is in the horizon for such patients who seem condemned to their situation. National and international neurological experts began meeting yesterday February 22, 2024 in Yaounde to exchange ideas on how to better manage such patients. They are meeting within the framework of the first congress of the Cameroon Neuro-rehabilitation Association coupled with the second congress of the Société d'Afrique Francophone de Neuro-rehabilitation (SAFNER).
Holding on the theme “Neuro-rehabilitation In French-Speaking Africa: Challenges of Interdisciplinary”, the President of the Cameroon Neuro-rehabilitation Association, Dr Michael Temgoua said Neuro-rehabilitation is a medical process aiming to aid recovery from neurological disorders and injuries to the nervous system. Neurological rehab, he said, can often improve function, reduce symptoms, and improve the well-being of the patient. Dr Michael Temgoua said the two-day gathering is an opportunity for experts to better understand and share knowledge on new findings in the Neuro-rehab domain and also to sensitise the population that all is not lost after a nervous system disorder.
The Secretary General of the World Federation For Neuro-rehabilitation, Professor Caterina Pistarini said in case of a serious disability, such as that caused by a severe spinal injury or brain damage, patients and their families' abilities, life style, and projects, are suddenly shattered. In order to cope with the situation, Pr. Pistarini said patients and their families must establish and negotiate a "new way of living"...



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