Painting : Mbiah Essouma Debuts With Beauty Of Blackness

The budding painting painter and first year student of Plastic Arts with the University of Maroua held his first ever exhibition in Centre Zingui Theatre, Ekoumdoum, Yaounde on March 30, 2024.

The chance finally came for him to the public what he has been working on. And perhaps what he is capable of. Understandably, it was an unsettling moment for him. As he looked forward to the day. Not only because he would be doing it for the first time. But more so because he would do so under the watchful eyes of a colossus in the domain. The one chosen to mentor him. As he gradually learns to climb the stairs of this great art. 
Mbiah Essouma Darryl Josué, 19, is budding painter and Plastic Arts first year student in the University of Maroua. The son of Ismailo Essouma Long Dagor, a renowned comedian and actor. On Saturday, March 30, 2024, Mbiah made his debut into the world of painting. When he organised his first ever painting exhibition. Which held in Centre Zingui Theatre in the Yaounde neighbourhood of Ekoumdoum.  
With title, “Black is beautiful too,” the exhibition had the main theme of giving fresh impetus to the black skin colour. “Because the younger Cameroonian generation tends to copy anything Western. Is this good or bad? I tried to answer this question through my paintings,” Darryl explained. “Some people believe we should drop all that holds back our progress and accept ideas that help us to move forward. While others are of the view that we should not just copy anything that comes our way,” Essouma debated with himself. Adding, “We must not forget that we are the most beautiful race, full of originality!”
“This first exhibition was stressful and frightening,” young Essouma admits. “Though it ended up being beautiful! I would like to continue in the same vein,” he said with some assurance. “Mr David Noundji, the Director and Founder of Centre Zingui Theatre, chose Mr Alioum Moussa as my mentor. Alioum is a great painter. The fact that he is my mentor put more pressure on me as I prepared the exhibition,” Josué said.       &nb...



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