Cameroon Baptist Convention: Executive President Concludes Second Visit To Yaounde Field

Rev. Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne met with pastors, leaders and Christians in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church, Yaounde on April 13, 2024.

As practice demands, the leader of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC is supposed to visit all of the church’s 33 Field Council of Churches at least once a year. However, this has not been feasible because of the situation in the country. During his first four-year term of office about to end in November 2024, Rev. Dr Nditemeh Charlemagne, the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, had visited the Yaounde Field Council of CBC Churches once. Reason why from April 12-13, 2024, Dr Nditemeh undertook his second official visit to Yaounde Field. 


Tour Of CBC Institutions 
Beginning the visit, Rev. Dr Nditemeh, who was elected in November 2020 and took up office in January 2021, visited CBC institutions in the city of Yaounde such as Baptist Hospital, Ekoumdoum, Baptist High School, Awae, Baptist Health Centre, Nkoabang and Baptist Hospital, Etoug-Ebe. He concluded the visit with a meeting with pastors, other church leaders and Christians of Yaounde Field in Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church on Saturday, April 13, 2024.


Fast Growing Yaounde Field 
Welcoming the CBC Executive President, Daniel Wango, Yaounde Field Chairman, said the area today counts 8,328 Christians. And comprises 111 congregations in the Centre and East Regions; and parts of the South and West Regions. He recalled that as a result of the fast growth of Yaounde Field, Mbam Field was recently carved out of it. Meanwhile, Yaounde Field counts over 20 primary and nursery schools, two general hospitals and four colleges. 


Inclusiveness In Conception, Action 
“During the visit, the Executive President of the CBC explained what is going on for Christians in Yaounde Field to be kept abreast.  He emphasised the need for Christians to remain faithful to God, to be fair, inclusive in thinking and action, and think wide in choosing leaders. He also mentioned some of the challenges in implementing his programme of truth, equity and development, and we prayed together. The opportunity given Christians to ask questions helped in providing more answers to their concerns,” said Rev. Jumbuin Enoch, Pastor, Yaounde Field Council of CBC Churches.   


The Same Guiding Principles 
Rev. Dr Nditemeh said he stuck to his three-prong manifesto of truth, equity and development during his first tenure, despite the challenges. He announced that new decentralised elections will be organised by the CBC in November 2024 to elect an Executive President and other officials; adding that he was yet to make up his mind if to run for a second tenure or not. “For now, the issue of a second mandate is secondary to me,” Rev. Dr Nditemeh stressed. 


CBC Taken To Court      
While asking for prayers for the CBC and his family, the Executive President said the past four months have been particularly challenging for his team. As some Christians who are not happy with the recently voted CBC Constitution have been doing everything possible to unsettle his leadership. To the point of reporting the CBC leadership to the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam for allegedly disturbing public peace, holding illegal meetings and for using the wrong method to adopt a new CBC constitution. 
And afterwards, taking the CBC Executive President, the CBC Chairman and the CBC to court over the new CBC constitution. The four complainants are Tansa Jones Ndzi and Samuel Bongajum of First Baptist Church Ndu; and Emmanuel Tantoh of SCBC, Ndu - all in Donga-Mantung Division of the North West Region. And Luma Albert of Bethany Baptist Church, Buea in the South West Region. Rev. Dr Nditemeh however noted that these four people are only fronting for the real masterminds of the case - who are people they know so well. “All leaders will pass away, no matter what they achieved. While you serve, do your utmost,” Dr Charlemagne counselled. 


Entrenching Checks, Balances 
“I want to leave behind a CBC system that has checks and balances; where there is no conflict of interest; that offers opportunities to everyone; blocks tribalism, nepotism and discrimination; and where no leader holds an elected position till retirement…Leadership should be a sharing ministry,” Dr Charlemagne noted.


Possible Francophone Leadership  
“I have a dream that one day a Francophone will become the Executive President of the CBC,” Dr Nditemeh went on.  Saying that is why he emphasises affirmative action for inclusive leadership. Rev. Dr Charlemagne warned that the era of “friendship leadership” -  whereby before leaving a position, people ensure that their friends take over from them - was over.  


Licensing Of Pastors 
On the recent start of issuing licenses to CBC pastors, he said the measure was a form of census of pastors in the CBC. And also meant to ensure that all pastors abide by the CBC’s doctrine and practices. He said the operation will continue across all of the CBC’s 33 Field Council of Churches spread out in Cameroon’s 10 administrative regions.  And as from next year will be continued for graduating pastors from the Cameroon Baptist Convention seminaries in Ndu in Donga-Mantung Division in the North West Region. And Kimba in Meme Division of the South West Region. The Executive President warned that without a license, no pastor will in future be allowed to serve with the CBC. 


Appropriate Pastoral Training
Rev. Dr Nditemeh encouraged CBC pastors and would-be pastors to ensure they trained in recognised seminaries and Bible Schools



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