Exams : Pupils Write In Serenity

Final year pupils of the English sub-system and their counterparts of the French sub-system took the Common Entrance and Entree en Sixieme respectively in Douala on 14 May, 2024.

Primary school pupils in Douala joined their counterparts across the country on 14 May to write the Entrance Examination for government Secondary and Technical Schools. In most of the writing centres in the Douala V Subdivision, all was calm and serene. As early as 6am, pupils were seen with their parents on their way to their various writing centres or on their way to schools to be transported to their writing centres. By 8am, the mathematics paper was underway and all was calm and quiet. At the Marseillais Lay writing centre in Bonamoussadi, the head teacher of GEPS Cite SIC and head of the secretariat, Kimah Juliius Rohaka, said all the pupils and supervisors were on time. He revealed that out of the 612 students who registered at his centre, 266 were boys and 346 were girls. He said of those who registered, six were absent including four boys and two girls.
He revealed that when the children arrive at the centre in the morning, they are reminded that it is a competitive examination and only the best will be selected. He encouraged them to do their best. He emphasised that th...



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