National Unity : These Threats Worth Combating!

The surge in tribalism, hate language, feelings of superiority and or inferiority as well as separation tendencies are serious menaces to togetherness which must be tackled vigorously.


The unity of Cameroonians from North to South and East to West has come of age. 52 years of togetherness is obviously an age of maturity and citizens can at least attest to the fact that over the years, they have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Yet, unity remains strength!
As the country vibrates to the rhythm of another National Unity Day on May 20, 2024; the 52nd edition, all and sundry in their respective spheres of influence and through preparatory activities would need to halt for a moment and reflect on what more is needed to solidify this bond of unity that is increasingly being shaken at its roots by divisive actions, thoughts and speeches. In fact, the surge in tribalism, hate language, feelings of superiority and or inferiority and separation tendencies witnessed here and there are, to say the least, disturbing in a seemingly united, one and indivisible country. These are serious threats to the much-cherished togetherness which must therefore be tackled vigorously at all levels and by all.

Tribalism, Hate Language
As detestable as these anti-unity practices are, it is rather regrettable that they seem to be on the rise in Cameroon. Some office holders are so parochial that they see almost everything or reason only on tribal basis. They consider the country as a national cake and their appointment as a moment for their “brothers” and “sister” to have a share of it. What a way of seeing and handling a country where everyone is supposed to have a feeling of belonging! Some have gone as far as saying that the problem of unity doesn’t exist in Cameroon. They hold that it is the issue of “eating together” that creates problems. It is bad all together!
Amidst these disgusting behaviours where some feel more important than others, simply because one of theirs found himself in an influential position at a given time, some helpless ones resort to hate language to air out their frustrations. Efforts are therefore needed to ensure a just society where everybody feels part and parcel and comfortable anywhere in the triangle.

Containing Separation Tendencies
From every indication, when Cameroonians East of the Moungo opted in 1972 to join their brothers and sisters from the hitherto West Cameroon to form a united, stronger and easily-administered country, they did so in good faith and hopes of togetherness grow with time. That English and French were constitutionally made the two official languages of the country, with equal status, lends credence to the desire to keep the country united in its cultural and linguistic diversities. But like any human endeavour, perfection was far from being attained.
However, challenges are no reason, whatsoever, for sellers of illusion to attempt putting asunder what history had put together. At least, the experience of unity has fully proven that what unites Cameroonians is more than what can divide them. Holding unto this is crucial!



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