State Universities : More Lecturers For Newly Created Universities

Interested candidates have up to May 24, 2024 to deposit their files for recruitment into the Universities of Bertoua, Ebolowa and Garoua.

The government is taking more measures to ensure the effective functioning of the different State Universities that were created in 2022 by a Presidential Decree. On February 6, 2024, the Prime Minister’s Office informed the general public of the recruitment of one hundred and fifty (150) University teachers in the new State Universities of Bertoua, Ebolowa and Garoua, for the 2024 fiscal year. The recruitment concerns Cameroonians aged at most 45 years on 1st October 2024, and holders of a Doctorat or a PhD. 
According to the Secretary General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Chairman of the Central Supervisory Commission of the recruitment process, each university has 45 places while 15 places will be quota for academic regulation. The press release reveals that the recruitment process shall be coordinated by the Minister in charge of Higher Education according to the regulatory provisions in force. Furthermore, Rectors of the respective universities are expected to launch the recruitment process by February 16, 2024, through a call for applications in the various disciplines, after the approval of the Technical Committee and the final decision of the Central Supervisory Commission. Information also discloses that each interested candidate shall submit his/her file to only one of the three (3) new State Universities of his/her choice, latest on May 24, 2024. Also, interested candidates who are Cameroonians living abroad are expected to deposit their files at Diplomatic missions and Consular offices, before the deadline. 
After candidates must have dropped their application files which comprise, amongst other things, a stamped application not older than three months addressed to the head of the University chosen, copies of articles or off-prints of any publications, where necessary; a photocopy of a valid National Identity Card, a c...


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