African Human Rights Day : Stakeholders Inculcate Values In Youths

During a one-day informative forum in Yaounde on October 21, 2019, human rights activists and other personalities schooled youths on responsible citizenship.

October 21 of each year is commemorated across member States of the African Union as the African Human Rights Day. On that note, countries in Africa take stock of their human rights activities and seek ways of better improving the practice of the protection and promotion of human rights. It is therefore against this backdrop that the association known as United Africa decided to organise together with other stakeholders an educational enriching forum titled ‘my life, my rights’, under the theme “Human rights, justice and accountability, migration and the plight of African refugees,” in Yaounde on October 21, 2019. The objective of the forum is creating awareness in youths on human rights and migration issues by schooling them on responsible citizenship behavior.

Educating the population on the importance of the respect of human rights, the President of United Africa, Christain Fodjou said valuing the space of other citizens, respect for binding regulations and institutions foster peace in any country. He urged Members of Parliament present at the informative forum to advice the youths, who according to him are vulnerable as they struggle to make ends meet.

On his part, Hon. Njume...



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