The Game : Senegal Humbles Madagascar

This was during the first group A game played yesterday June 9, 2021 in Yaounde which ended on a 42-16 score in favour of Senegal.

The handball Lionesses of Senegal have proved their strength by thrashing Madagascar 42-16 in the first group A game of the Senior Women’s Handball African Cup of Nations. The game counting for Day-2 of the competition was played yesterday June 9, 2021 at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex. The encounter started with a lot of pressure from both sides. The score was opened by Senegal less than two minutes into the encounter. This opening goal seemed to have rekindled the lion spirit in the Senegalese players. 

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Sy Dienaba, Diop Awa, Fall Marie, Ndiaye Hawa were the architects of several gaols scored by the Senegalese side. It was evident that Madagascar’s defence was leaking given that at almost each time that Senegal had the ball, it resulted to a gaol. Conversely, Madagascar seemed to have had good scorers but the Senegalese defence was indeed watertight. Senegal dominated the game all through the first half keeping the bar high by 20-08.

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The second half was not very different from the first as Senegal maintained its supremacy. Diop Awa Fall and her name mate Fall Marie were goal machines. Each time Diop came in, she made sure she had the ball into the net when the slightest opportunity showed up. She indeed had the gaol scoring mission given that each time she scored, she immediately stepped out to come in only when Senegal has the ball again to do the good job. She was good at handling and her goal-scoring strength got mouths watering. Ndiaye Hawa Ramatou was as well a major pillar and a proficient game constructor. Even though Senegal was dominating, Madagascar seemed to have had a good fighting spirit. They stood their grounds with Ratovomahenina Hasina being a threat to the opponents. She struggled alongside Raveloniaka H. to reduce the gaol gab. The game finally ended on a 42-16 score for Senegal.

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