U20 Women’s World Cup Qualifiers : Shake Up In Lionesses Camp

Coach Ndoumou Mike recently readjusted the squad of the preselected players, bringing in four new Lionesses and taking out six.

Recently appointed coach of the U-20 Lionesses of Cameroon, Ndoumou Mike is aiming  to produce excellent results taking decisions within the Lionesses squad currently bracing up for the 2022 U-20 Women’s World Cup qualifiers in Costa Rica.  She recently made adjustments, bringing in four players and taking out six. The four Lionesses brought in include; Balbine Ngaffo, Dani Mimbang, Bernadette Ngaseh and Rokyatou. On the other hand, Ngambe Adidja, Njie Mbango, Mireille Mazoh, Bernardette Meyengue, Zouma Gerum and Lucie Guilaine Noah were taken out. Worth recalling is the fact that Coach Ndoumou Mike shortlisted 28 Lionesses and one player did not begin the camp which started on August 27, 2021 due to health reasons. With the plus and minuses, what is left in is just 25 Lionesses to brace up for their second round qualifying game against the U-20 team of the Democratic Republic of Congo on September 23, 2021. 
To get the girls set for this tough opponent, Coach Ndoumou Mike should be laying emphasis on the physical strength and technical capacity of the Lionesses. To measure the strength of the team, the trainer has resorted to evaluation matches. They had a preparatory match against the cadets of ‘Academie Gradi” in which they were overpowered 3-4. After this assessment match, team officials said they had learned from their mistakes and know exactly what to do to step up their performance. At the time of this report, another evaluation match against the U-15 team of “Academie La Grace” was ongoing. Hopes are high that, Coach Ndoumou Mike and her entire technical staff will after these evaluation matches, look into the team, correct their mistakes and pick just the right squad that will buoyantly represent the country in the qualifying games.



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