Commonwealth Games : Cameroon Counts Four Medals Already

Berthe Etane Ngolle, Thamar Gisele and Arlete Fokoa secured victories for Cameroon last weekend.

As the Commonwealth Games are dragging to an end, Cameroonian athletes are making their presence felt in Birmingham. Prior to the close of the Games, Team Cameroon has already harvested four medals in four different disciplines. Hopes are high that more medals will come in before the end of the games. After the first six days of competition, Junior Periclex Ngadja Nyabeyeu won gold for Cameroon in the 109kg weightlifting competition on August 3, 2022. That was the first gold medal for Cameroon and the only medal at the moment.  The gold medal served as a booster for the other Cameroonian athletes still remaining in the competition. 
In wrestlings Berthe Etane Ngolle won bronze in the women’s 62kg freestyle wrestling event on Friday August 5, 2022. She beat Kelsey Barnes from England to give Cameroon its second medal. In her category, Berthe Etane Ngolle is ranked fourth behind India’s Sakshi Malik (Gold), Canada’s Ana Godinez Gonzalez (Silver) and Nigeria’s Esther Omolayo Kolawole (Bronze). In ...



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