Dev’t-oriented Candidates Needed

Any electoral process is competitive and obliges participating parties to present their best candidates for the election. Cameroonians, as a democratic requirement will on March 12, 2023 vote 70 Senators from the ten regions of the country. Senators in any country are members of the legislature (lawmakers) and therefore should be enlightened on varied issues. This is the third time Cameroon will be organising the senatorial election and each time, the objective is to do better. Political parties are currently constituting their various lists of candidates for the election. Though the Electoral Code has set out some basic aspects to be respected, some qualities have to be outlined by the political parties themselves.
Educational standards and social relations are not the only potentials to consider when selecting candidates for an election. There are other aspects to consider such as integrity, ability to prioritise national issues over personal interest, political experience, aptly representing the people are various levels and lobbing for their growth. Leadership skills have to be given the pride of place for the choice of candidates, over biological age and unnecessary pride. 
The Senatorial election is an important consultation and the political landscape of the country warrants the voting of the best. Voting laws of the Republic is not a game of chance and the Senate is not relaxation centre. For the best to be voted, political parties on their part need to select and present the best candidates to the electorate. Interestingly enough, the electoral college,...



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