Technological Advancements : Wonderful Opportunities To Youths

Cameroonian youths have at their disposal internet, diverse digital platforms and the rapid technological advancements. The technological advancements have transformed the world into a global village bridging all the business, learning and communication gaps offering the world of opportunities that youths have to exploit to positively transform their lives and the society.
The Head of State President Paul Biya in his 57th National Youth Day message to his young compatriots on February 10, 2023 night acknowledged the central role of digital platforms and technological advancements in transforming society. The rapid progress using the internet also have the negative side.  It is for this reason that President Biya urged the youths to resist the temptation to seek refuge in the virtual world through the misuse of the internet and digital platforms, with the risk of losing touch with reality. Focusing on the positive side, he encouraged youths to keep up with the times and use digital and technological advancements to improve their living conditions and those of the fellow citizens in the real world. 
In this connection, success in the current global context depends on the mastery and effective use of the ever-evolving digital platforms. Digital economy is becoming the best way out for businesses around the world in which geographical location is no longer a barrier so long as business operators in different parts of the world have access to internet. In the educational domain, students and researchers more and more use the online method. The youths therefore have all the opportunities at their disposal to acquire knowledge, attend online classes, take part in competitive recruitment examinations in different international organizations and engage in all sorts of valuable interactions.
Government ‘s educational policy, the Head of State told the youths is, “Geared towards providing you with the best possible training to make you competitive and capable not only of seizing the job opportunities available locally and internationally but also of becoming veritable self-employed entrepreneurs.”  Nobody can be competitive in the world of today when he or she doesn’t make proper use of technological advancements. The internet is key and its positive use will be a guarantor of success in almost all professions in the world. The perfect use of digital platforms will enable the youths in particular to use their intelligen...



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