Need For Dialogue

The current situation in Libya is very pre-occupying. Recently, the UN Special Representative Abdoulaye Bathily briefed Ambassadors on the ongoing impasse and other obstacles to the vote, which was postponed in December 2021. Libya has been divided between two rival administrations in the aftermath of the overthrow and killing of former President, Muammar Gaddafi, over a decade ago. Mr. Bathily last addressed the Council in October, shortly after arriving in Libya to head the UN Mission (UNSMIL). He has been holding talks with key leaders, reminding them of their moral and political responsibility to work to bring the nation back to peace and stability. A few weeks after his briefing, UNSMIL did help to facilitate a consultation between the key institutional players in Libya as a step towards overcoming their differences and moving towards the organization of free and fair elections.
But the special envoy’s sole engagement in this negotiations would not be enough if the different segments of the population, the Councils and international community at large do not speak with one voice, under the coordination of the United Nations.  The popular aspiration for peace, stability and legitimate institutions is not only clear, but the wish for every Libyans. Though it is true that an increasing number of some institutional players are actively hindering progress towards elections, the genuine political will of the people will soon triumph. But for this to be reality, Mr...



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