Helen Keller Cameroon Programmes : International Team, Government, Explore Expansion Possibilities

Led by the President, Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Spahn, the delegation on March 23, 2023 in Yaounde held discussions with the Minister of Public Health.

A delegation from Helen Keller Intl is currently in Cameroon, visiting projects sponsored by the international charity. The team includes Board Members, Helen Keller Intl President and Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Spahn. And Volkan Cakir, Helen Keller Intl Regional Director for East, Southern and Central Africa. On Thursday March 23, 2023, Kathy Spahn and Volkan Cakir, accompanied by Helen Keller Cameroon Country Director, Dr Ismael Teta, met the Cameron Minister of Public, Dr Malachie Manaouda in Yaounde. 

Commitment To Youth Welfare 
“We had a very good discussion with the Minister of Public Health. We talked about the government’s commitment to Cameroonian youth because the seeds of life are formed in the first few years,” Kathy Spahn told Cameroon Tribune.  “It is important to guarantee good health for young children so that the country can have healthy adults, and be strong and productive,” she said.   

Easing Access To Healthcare, Food
“We talked about the Minister’s commitment to equity - to making sure that every Cameroonian has access to health services, food, with a strong commitment to equity. This resonates well with Helen Keller Intl,” Kathy disclosed.  She recalled that Helen Keller runs many projects in Cameroon, which Board Members visited this week. “These programmes include Vitamin A supplementation, which takes place in the first five years of life. There is an eye health programme for students because 80 per cent of learning happens through the use of eyes. A partnership was signed with the University of Dschang because everything Helen Keller does should be backed by evidence…” the CEO asserted.

Not So Neglected Tropical Diseases
Helen Keller programmes in Cameroon also include treating Neglected Tropical Diseases, NTDs, and distributing Mectizan® medication to prevent Onchocerciasis or River Blindness. “Many other Helen Keller programmes are underway in Cameroon. As the CEO, I live with ideas on what more we can do in Cameroon,” Kathy Spahn stated.  

Showcasing Helen Keller Programmes
“It was a courtesy visit and to also present our programmes in Cameroon, which are implemented with the Ministry of Public Health. We listened to the Minister’s remarks and his...



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