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Mozambique is once more on the spot light. This time around, not because of fighting in the oil rich Provinces of the country, but because of a major social ill that needs to be redress before it goes out of hand. Since September 2022, the country has witnessed a worrying increase in the number of cholera cases, particularly in the northern Province of Niassa. Though the ministry of health and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have been working hands-in-glove in providing treatment to people, reducing mortality rates, and helping to control the spread of the disease, the efforts have not been enough to prevent the diseases from spreading to other countries.
Over the weekend, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), did sound an alarm bell by calling for emergency funding to broaden efforts to reach millions living across 11 eastern and southern African countries which have been hit hard by fast-spreading cholera outbreaks that has registered 21,000 cases and 95 deaths, in Mozambique alone, the largest outbreak in more than a decade. To curb the spread, the agency authorities are calling for the putting in place of a $171 million fund to support 28 million people suffering in the region. The availability of these funds would enable UNICEF and its partners to respond quickly and equitably based on the needs of the people. 
On the sideline of these responds, it would be important ...



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