Terrorism In NW/SW: No Hiding Place!

Those who continue to wreak havoc in the North West and South West Regions should be wise enough to read into the signs of the time and desist from that which was bad, is bad and will continue to be bad. For over six years that the bestial war has raged on, many have lost precious lives, loved ones and valuable property. Honestly, lives have been shattered as previously well-settled citizens are now wandering. There should be an end to this mayhem! 
If apologists of secession charmed some people in the beginning with their sermons, what the population of the two restive regions have lived over the years is a complete nightmare. It is now coming out clear that masterminds of the hardship might have misled some people at one point, but they cannot deceive all the people all the time. The noose is tightening on them and the earlier they leave the gun and sue for peace, the better. There should be no price to peace! 
The recent and unprecedented decision taken by an American court to slam a five-year jail term on one Eric Fru Nji and his co-accused after finding them guilty of acquiring war materials for armed groups in Cameroon’s North West and South West Regions is illustrative enough that wrong is wrong and remains punishable no matter he who commits it and where. 
Pretending to love Cameroon and Cameroonians so much just to raise funds and acquire weapons with which to kill them is easily the height of hypocrisy. As the story goes, Eric Fru Nji and two of his accomplices were convicted of smuggling firearms and ammunition from the United States to Nigeria, with Cameroon as their final destination. The arms were to be used to supply armed gangs in the North West and South West regions. This action was stopped by the American judicial authorities who, with the support of a number of other actors have decided to step up their gear. That the ruling by the American justice system come four months after the indictment in the same country, on 28 November 2022, of the three American citizens of Cameroonian origin, tells of the discomfort perpetrators of the disorder in the North West and South West Regions can be in to. According to one of the leaders of a US-based legal unit spearheading the case, the Nsahlaï Law Firm, there are a dozen other suspects who should know their fate in the coming months.
America and other countries might have been seen by some as ‘protecting’ the trouble-mongers; may be owing to their contentious human right laws, but buying war weapons and materials for making improvised explosive devices and storing them in a container that was to transit through Nigeria, with Cameroon as its final destination was and remains an illegal activity, according to the legal provisions in force in the United States of America. Hiding in one country and defaulting the rules of that very country to destabilize another sovereign nation, like Eric Fru Nji and others did, is utterly irresponsible. Condemnable, to say the least!
With much still expected from the American government and justice system; given the number of war mongers still parading the streets, it goes without saying that the first sentencing however sends strong signals to those who rejoice in the suffering of others that there is no hiding place for evildoers. A good pace set at the same time for other countries harbouring either Cameroonians or citizens of the countries with Cameroonian origin fanning flames of war back home to silence the hoodlums and give peace a chance in the hard-hit North West and South West Regions. This would be harkening to President Paul Biya’s call, who after praising particularly the United States of America for its decisive action in prosecuting those who help to finance terrorist activities in Cameroon from abroad, equally urged, “other friendly countries to follow suit so that the resumption of development activities can be accelerated in the said Regions.” This is fundamental for the public to regain their lost pride and cherished people-driven development, sacrificed on the altar of barbarism and the reign of terror that have dictated the pace of life in the two restive regions for too long now. The execution of Public Investment Projects in the Regions has since 2017 been in limbo and even the Presidential Plan conceived to rehabilitate destroyed infrastructure is finding it hard to live up to expectation. The North West and South West Re...



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