Road Side Medication : Still gaining Grounds

Most people buy medications anywhere due to poverty and ignorance.

The practice of selling medications just anywhere is a course of concern in Douala. An assortment of medicines spread on a table or shelf could be seen in any kind of shop even those that sell foodstuff.  It suffice for a client to tell the vendor that he/she is suffering from a headache or stomach disorder and the vendor will give medications that can treat the ailment. Vendors sell medications like any other object on the pavement without any prescription affecting public health and the economy. Mediations are badly preserved and some are made and mixed on the street. It is possible to get relief by chance.
However, these vendors are more concerned about profits rather than public health. They will do anything to finish their stocks as quickly as possible. Romeo, a vendor of medication who owns a provision shop in Deido said he buys his medication from Mboppi market. The young man said he doesn't display his medication on the shelf but his clients know that he sell all kinds of medicine. He said he doesn’t need any prescription before selling. The vendor added that once a client calls the name of the medication that he has in store he sells it according to the quantity demanded. He also added that at times some people give him their complaints and he provide a combination of medication that he said most often treats his clients.
He disclosed that he has never had any case where a client developed complications as a result of his medication. Ho...



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