Bible Translation : CABTAL Presents Balance Sheet, Seeks Support

The Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, CABTAL on Saturday December 2, 2023 in Yaounde held an executive briefing for invited guests from partner churches.


The objective was to brief guests on the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy, CABTAL’s activities, challenges and solicit support. CABTAL’s annual report for 2021-2022 and other material produced by the organisation were also presented to guests.


Annual Report
Meanwhile, the 2022-2023 CABTAL annual report is currently being printed and copies will soon be distributed to guests to last weekend’s meeting, they were assured. Zacharie Manyim Mimb, CABTAL Director of Church Relations and Scripture Engagement; and Fabien Liboth, Director of Technical Services and Training.

116 Language Communities
CABTAL’s activities cover all 10 administrative regions of Cameroon in 116 language communities. The organisation is working translating the New Testament into 111 languages in Cameroon, with five Old Testament translation projects. Many more communities have applied for the Bible to be translated into their languages. Bible translation involves and mobilises all Christian denominations, which form inter-church Bible translation committees.

CABTAL Partners
CABTAL also works with Campus Crusade for Christ, the Scripture Union, the Summer Institute of Linguistics, SIL, etc in Cameroon. Internationally, CABTAL is part of Wycliffe Global Alliance. With more than 35 years of experience, CABTAL has been able to complete the translation of the New Testament into 36 Cameroonian languages and the entire Bible into three languages.
There are now more than 10,000 mother language learners in Cameroon from 116 linguistic programmes currently training with CABTAL. CABTAL has over 4,000 prayer partners in Cameroon and abroad. Similarly, more than 450 churches in the country now partner with the organisation.   

They include difficult access to some communities and insecurity (the kidnap and killing of some staff in the North West Region). Still because of the insecurity in English-speaking Cameroon, the CABTAL Regional office in Mile 4, Bamenda, a CABTAL property, was moved to Upstation Bamenda where CABTAL is renting.

Financial Needs
Effectiveness and sustainability of programmes. Bible translation, it was explained, costs on average, about 25,000 FCFA to translate a single Bible verse, guests were informed. CABTAL organises training for churches on Bible literacy, the Gospel and culture, healing and trauma, prepares future Christian leaders from Bible schools, and holds Bible studies and ...



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