Climate Change: Vigorous Common Front!

The world and Cameroon are increasingly entangled from almost all ends with life and livelihood-threatening crises that are almost making man a stranger in his normal comfort zone. It is common knowledge that the world today is greatly suffocating under the weight of climate change, loss of biodiversity, health, debt, global poverty, conflicts, wars and terrorism of all sorts. In fact, wide-ranging crises that are plunging some to recess and forcing others to barely survive. This is disturbing indeed, both for the present and future generations!
To say the least, the effects of climate change have been telling on man and his environment. Droughts, floods, unbearable heat and cold are the order of the day. For example, no one can say with precision when there will be rain or sunshine. Even environmental experts who foresaw climatic variations in the yesteryears and alerted the population on this or that looming danger are today seeing their predications challenged by nature. After the heavy rains that unusually dragged on in the southern parts of Cameroon till almost mid-December for example, the dry season is on and seriously so with multifaceted nefarious effects on man. The National Observatory on Climate Change in its latest prediction cautions that the January 1-10 period could be marked by heatwaves in the Far North and North regions, while many localities in the Adamawa, West, North West, South regions shall experience cold nights due to least temperatures ranging between 13°C and 20°C. The effects are wide and devastating!
This situation in Cameroon is not different from elsewhere as people battle for survival. When added to other life-threatening problems like wars, conflicts, poverty and diseases, the existence of man on the earth becomes greatly jeopardized. This is traumatizing to all!
In a speech in response to 2024 New Year wishes from the Diplomatic Corps, Cameroon’s Head of State underlined that as the world gets lost in futile quarrels, its most precious asset, the earth, is being threatened. President Paul Biya made it abundantly clear that, “Climate change is reminding us of our fragility and the need to act together before it is too late.” The Cameroonian leader told the world, through Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Chargés d’Affaires and heads of diplomatic organisations accredited to Cameroon, that COP 28, which was held recently in Dubai, is a source of hope. “It helped, among other things, to make strides in fossil energy production. Other strides are still required, especially to grant fair compensation to the efforts of developing countries which, as we are aware, account for barely 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions.”
For keen observers of the man Paul Biya, it was not strange listening to him t...



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