After Senatorial Election : Political Parties Begin Preparing For 2025

With the Presidential, legislative and municipal elections expected to hold in 2025, political parties are already putting in place mechanisms to gain maximum political space.

The March 12, 2023 Senatorial election has come and gone, results proclaimed and the session as of right is on April 11, 2023. Ten political parties participated in the election. After the election, political parties are already preparing for the next elections in Cameroon, which according to the political calendar, will be in 2025 and will be the Presidential, legislative and municipal elections. Every political party envisages increased political presence. 
At the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, the Secretary General of the Central Committee has, through a memo oriented activities to be in the line of reflection and mobilisation, in preparation for 2025. As per reflection, Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Member of the CPDM Central Committee, said it implies political education. Lessons learnt from the Senatorial election and how to improve them will be on the agenda of reflection. Concerning mobilisation, he noted that it includes keeping a permanent contact with militants at the base in accordance with party texts. This, the Prof. explained, will be through the organisation of conferences, outreach activities to encourage voter’s registration of the electoral lists and networking with other stakeholders for 2025. He added that internally, officials will try to find a common ground on issues to make the party stronger. For the Senators of the party who will be serving in the third legislative period of the Senate, the Secretary General of the Central Committee has equally spelt out some orientations on preparing them for the session as of right and accompanying them throughout their mandate. 
Within the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the party is preparing for its Congress slated for June 2023. A new National Chairman is expected to be elected during the Congress. At the moment, senior officials of the party are commissioning newly-elected regional bureau officials after the reorganisation exercise of the party. The SDF particip...



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