Sulet Noir Fashion Design : Impacting Women, Redefining Elegance

The founder and creative director of the brand, Nkafu Atemnkeng Sulet, is out to provide a solution to a common challenge faced by many African women.

With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, her quest to provide a solution to the fashion world of women led Nkafu Sulet, 31-year-old-lady, to Ghana at the Bluecrest School of fashion, where she studied fashion design with a vision to empower women to adorn themselves in perfectly fitting attire, which ignites their personality and self-confidence. Nkafu Sulet’s journey in the world of fashion gave birth to the AFRIK Fashion brand, which was later rebranded to “Sulet Noir” three years ago. The brand, which has become a household name in the fashion world in Cameroon and the world at large, has as mission to redefine elegance and individuality.
The founder and creative director of the brand “Sulet Noir, Nkafu Sulet, says the brand understands that clothing is more than just fabric, for it is an expression of an individual’s unique style, character and self-assurance. “Our brand encompasses a versatile range of clothing that caters for all occasions, from the glamorous allure of the red carpet to the cherished moments of weddings, and even the comfort and poise of everyday casual wear. Simply put, if you can imagine it, we can craft it”, Nkafu Sulet narrated. 
Particular about “Sulet Noir” is that the creations are not just garments, but a celebration of people’s identity with a manif...



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