Kidney Diseases: Early Screening Encouraged

An awareness campaign was organised in Douala recently.

The association of Women with Humanitarian Vision in collaboration with Cameroonian Society of Nephrology has embarked on a series of activities to sensitize the public on the dangers of kidney diseases. The sensitization campaign, that was launched on the 16 of March in Douala under the theme "Stop kidney disease, I am committed", is in line with the world kidney day celebrated every 10th of March. Kidney related diseases are causing major ravages in the society to point where they have become a major public health concern. According to the Cameroonian Society of Nephrology, in Cameroon there are, about 2.5 million people with chronic renal failure. The prevalence rate is between 10% and 14%. In the same vein, about 900 to 1000 patients are treated in the 9 public hemodialysis centers in Cameroon.
At the General Hospital of Douala, there are 250 to 300 patients. On average, 80 dialysis sessions are performed per day with 34 generators. In terms of care, an uninsured kidney patient, who does not benefit from any social health coverage, spends between CFA 200.000 and 250.000 each month for medical care. So far the government has subsidize the cost of dialysis for up to 6 million CFA francs per patient per month which is enormous.
Against this backdrop the association of Women with Humanitarian Vision littoral is also fund raising funds to assist kidney patients on dialysis. According to the president of the association of Women with Humanitarian Vision, Khadija Pandougam, they have to act urgently in the areas of prevention, awareness, and information to reverse ...



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